The power of social media

Susan once said that Twitter would blow over. That was 5 years, 75,000 tweets and more than 3,000 followers ago. Not to mention the 20,000 people that follow her on Google Plus. It took one single tweet and Smulpaapje was born. Three years later it is a hugely successful platform with its own cookbook. How does one tweet lead to all this? During our conference you will be able to attend Susan’s talk about the power of social media. How did she use social media to make Smulpaapje the success it is today. How do you build a solid social network and how do you get it to work for you. Susan will talk you through the various social media channels and how they each can be used to your own advantage. But above all, being the social media enthusiast she is, she will inspire you to make the most out of them and will show you it’s fun to use them!


About the facilitator

Susan Aretz is the founder of the online platform for parents with kids, The website focusses on eating with kids, out and at home. On the website you’ll find restaurants that offer more than the standard kids menu. But it also has a huge recipe data base, as Susan is under the opinion that food (and taste!) education starts at home. In 2015 Susan published her first cookbook, called ‘Wat eten we vandaag?’ (What’s for dinner?) in which 16 week menus are given, to help busy parents with their day to day struggle to think of what to make for dinner.

Besides working on Smulpaapje Susan is foodblogger for and works as a community manager in Utrecht. Susan is married, lives in Leiden and has a 5-year-old daughter.