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Seminar on Dutch taxesRegistration now open for members and non-members.

Presenters: AAme Adviseurs, Delft

Date: Thursday 2 March 2017

Time: 13:30 – 17:00. 

Location: Park Plaza Hotel, Utrecht

Language: The seminar will be given in English.

Cost: Thanks to the generous support of SENSE, the cost for this event – including coffee/tea during the seminar and drinks afterwards – is only 20 for members.

Registration for non-members IS NOW OPEN. The cost is €45.

(Availability to non-members is dependent on members' uptake.)

Contact: Robert Coupe, Workshop Coordinator (

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Getting to grips with the Dutch tax system

We're reviving an old SENSE tradition. Our more venerable members speak fondly of the time when sessions of advice on Dutch taxes were a regular feature of the SENSE calendar, and it's high time to reinstate this service to members. Useful in the long term, but also in the short term (your 2016 tax return...)

Most people who live, work and pay tax in Holland should be able to benefit from this seminar, whether they are just starting out, or thinking of starting out, or well-established in business (but still a bit vague on some fiscal intricacies!) It will, of course, appeal particularly to self-employed members, who form over two-thirds of SENSE membership.

An awful lot is required of zzp'ers (zelfstandigen zonder personeel). To run their own business they need to understand the often complex Dutch tax laws, and maintain an impeccable administration. And the rules keep changing, so it can be hard to keep up-to-date. On the other hand, significant incentives are offered to small businesses, in the form of deductions and rebates, which should be exploited to the full. It's hard enough for Dutch people and seasoned expats to grasp every aspect of the tax system, but if you're fairly new to the country, the Dutch fiscal jargon can be daunting. 

This seminar will cover all relevant aspects of Dutch taxes and administration. Among the subjects covered will be:

- Income tax

- Box system - 1,2,3

- Sales tax (BTW) - different rates for different work areas

- End-of-year fiscal tips

- Rebates for starters and self-employed entrepreneurs

- Deductions for small-scale investment 

- Deductible and non-deductible business expenses

- Business use of car

- Work space at home

- Administration

- Submission tax return and provisional tax assessment (voorlopige aanslag)

- Latest developments in transition from VAR to DBA (criteria for freelance contracts)

- Building up a pension as a freelancer


About the presenters

We are fortunate to have found AAme Adviseurs to present this seminar. AAme is a tax and accountancy company in Delft, specialized in working with expat clients, and experienced in giving seminars, often in English, as in this case. They are providing a team of experts, each dealing with a specific area.


PE pointsIf you would like to receive the 3 PE points for this seminar, please state that under 'comment' on the registration form when you register. Then, at the seminar itself, make sure you sign the attendance list and state your Wbtv registration number. If you have indicated that you wish to receive PE points, we will prepare the required information (i.e. a registration form + the signed attendance list) and send it to you digitally.