Advanced Word skills for editors and translators

From 03 June 2019 13:00 until 03 June 2019 17:30

Ahead of her workshop for MET in Pisa (see Pisa workshop day programme), Jenny Zonneveld has agreed to give SENSE a sneak preview of her new ‘Advanced Word skills for editors and translators’ workshop that she is developing in conjunction with METCome along to learn everything you didn't know that you didn't know about Word! 

As an editor or translator, you want to focus on your core tasks: improving or conveying your client’s words. Being adept at using one of the essential tools of our trade will give you more time for the work you enjoy. Often the documents clients send do not display the best formatting, layout or consistency, and once you start editing or translating, the layout goes haywire and you waste time fixing the layout rather than the content itself.

In this workshop, Jenny Zonneveld will explain some useful but lesser-known features as well as more advanced features of MS Word that will enable you to maintain your core focus by dealing with the non-language aspects of the document more productively. The many exercises built into the workshop will enable you to actively learn to use the features explained.

This hands-on workshop is designed to illustrate some powerful features of MS Word. In particular, it will cover those aspects that are relevant to professional editors and translators as they improve texts on screen.

The workshop will combine theory, demonstration and hands-on exercises. Topics covered will include:

  • Mastering the many facets of track changes & comments
  • Understanding page layout and working with styles
  • Dealing with large documents
  • Manipulating layout with tables, not tabs
  • Dealing with pictures and diagrams
  • Productivity tips for editors and translators

The workshop will be followed by a borrel. 

Who should attend?

Editors and translators who want to understand MS Word better and use it more productively. Mac as well as Windows users will benefit.


Early-bird registration for SENSE members (until 5 pm 24 May): €75
Standard registration for SENSE members (after 5 pm 24 May):  €100

Early-bird registration for non-members (until 5 pm 24 May):  €100
Standard registration for non-members (after 5 pm 24 May):   €125 

Outcome skills

Participants will learn time-saving skills and gain a better understanding of the MS Word features that are essential to editors’ and translators’ productivity. These skills will enable them to focus on the author’s words and intended meaning without needless distractions.

Pre-workshop information

Participants should bring their laptops to this workshop in order to follow the demonstrations and complete the exercises. Participants will be requested to complete a pre-workshop survey to indicate which version of MS Word they use and to help prioritise the topics to be covered during the workshop.