Understanding Dutch Tax for freelancers

From 10 December 2019 14:30 until 10 December 2019 17:00
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Hosted by AAme Tax Consultants at their offices in Delft, this seminar will shine the spotlight on issues surrounding the tax returns and measures you can take before the end of the current tax year. The seminar will focus on changes in the Dutch tax system since 2017 and the Dutch government’s planned new proposals; some end-of-year tips and tricks to make you more tax efficient; and prospects for 2020. Issues relating to VAT, practitioners’ administrative obligations and, last but not least, tax-related tips and tricks (including retirement funding) will also feature. There will be time for Q&A where participants will be able to have their particular tax-related questions answered.

Questions posed by SENSE members that will be answered during the tax seminar:

  • How and when should we use the new freelancer VAT number?
  • How can we provide for our pensions in the most tax-friendly way?
  • Whom should we choose as a good pension adviser?
  • What is the status of the fiscal old-age reserve (fiscale oudedagsreserve) for entrepreneurs and freelancers?
  • Which income-tax costs should we as language professionals and freelancers be aware of?
  • Could you give us an update on the detailed list of editing, translation, subtitling, writing, and training services for which language professionals should and should not charge VAT?

As an add-on to this workshop, SENSE will be suggesting a selection of Delft’s many eateries at which you will have the opportunity to meet and network over a post-session meal, if you wish.

About AAme tax consultants

Based in Delft, AAme Tax Consultants provides tailored services for companies and individuals within the labour recruitment and secondment industry in the Netherlands. Their mission is to simplify the complex Dutch tax, civil and accountancy laws and regulations for their clients and make them more accessible. They advise clients on various aspects of Dutch Tax and Employment Law, offer assistance in setting up their payroll and offer various solutions for working contractors, freelancers and employees.


Members €15, non-members €35
2.5 PE points will be available for this seminar