MT webinar for translators, or Know Your Enemy

From 03 April 2020 10:00 until 03 April 2020 15:30
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*** This event will now be a webinar ***
Everything you wanted to know about MT and more!

1. What MT looks like in 2019 and how neural networks changed the world
2. What is "corpus" and "training", why it is worth knowing these terms
3. Why are some language pairs still more difficult than others?
4. Purpose of MT: to understand the content, to generate text of normal quality
5. Post-editing best practices; does "light PE" make any sense?
6. Post-editing exercises, taking into account the traps of NMT
7. How to assess whether MT helps me? (initial evaluation, productivity, edit distance, etc.)
8. How to price post-editing? Is 50% of the base rate OK?
9. Communication between translators, clients and MT providers
10. Do MT systems really capture and store whatever we send them?
11. 'MT never asks' - impact of source text quality, tags, etc.
12. What to expect in the near future (Context is King)
13. Problems brought by participants & proposed solutions

- Translators who want to start post-editing
- Post-editors who want to share experience and learn the best practices
- Anyone with bad experience vs. MT who wonders if it could be better
- Anyone working with a client obsessed about using MT for everything :)
- Anyone eager to start using MT for everything :)))

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