Lessons learned in lockdown as freelancers move into the ‘new normal’

From 31 July 2020 16:00 until 31 July 2020 17:00
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The whole world has been affected Covid-19 since early this year and this will be having an impact one way or another on many businesses. How has CV-19 impacted on your business as a freelancer? Has it been good, bad, or just disastrous? Join lawyer-linguist Sue Leschen for this webinar which looks at the lessons learned and how to move on to a ‘new normal’.

What this webinar will cover:
• Do we have too many eggs in one basket?
• The Pareto principle: dangers of 80% of work being supplied by 20% of clients
• Is business falling off a cliff, or is it booming?
• Who are the losers and who are the winners? Thriving or just surviving?
• Future proofing businesses – how and why we need to do this
• The “new normal” is remote and it’s here now but we’re not ready
• Pros and cons of remote working: connectivity, savings on time and money, lack of face-to-face contact
• Coping with home working – more of the same, or a new way of working for some?
• Adapting our businesses to COVID-19 and possible recession landscapes
• Clients – new, old and future relationships
• Government financial support: is it accessible, adequate or not available?
• Q and A