UniSIG - How editors can help solve an ethical issue in published scientific articles

From 18 September 2020 14:00 until 18 September 2020 15:00
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"An ethical issue in published scientific articles: how editors can help solve it and increase their value to their clients"
A short talk by SENSE member Ed Hull, followed by discussion

As Ed sees it, the problem is that if readers – including peer reviewers – do not understand the credibility and relevance of a study, they will question its validity. Even worse, if such articles get published, they may mislead users/readers. And since misunderstanding could lead to clinical and other decision errors in health-related fields, ensuring that a scientific article is credible is an ethical issue.

Before the meeting, participants will be sent a handout listing specific items that editors should be aware of. Using the list, Ed will point out what items language editors should be aware of and, if necessary, discuss with their clients. The items are pieces of content that are (usually) already in the manuscript. Improving credibility in the eyes of the reader only requires rearranging these pieces of content, not adding or changing content. By ensuring that manuscripts are more transparent, editors can make the life of the peer reviewer much easier.

Ed notes that the two purposes of his short talk are
- to present a list of items that are necessary in a manuscript for readers to understand the credibility and relevance of the study and
- to stimulate discussion on the list and how to advise authors on the added value of improving the reader-perceived credibility and relevance.

During our plenary discussion, we will brainstorm on how to advise authors “gently” but effectively on this. He warns that “We do not want to step on toes!”.

Click "register" at the top of this page to register for this one-hour online meeting, which will take place on Friday 18 September from 14.00h. Registration will close at 09.00h on 17 September and registered participants will be emailed Ed's handout and a link to the Zoom meeting.