Saturday, 9 June



Martine Croll, Scribe or Shrink? Improving client relationships and winning more clients the easy way - by getting into their heads!


We spend most of our time weighing and polishing words for our clients. Whether as an editor, translator, transcreator, teacher or copywriter. Sometimes so much, that we forget the client behind those words.

This session in NOT about perfecting your skills as a language expert. It’s about using your skills to improve your relationship with your clients. It’s also about winning more clients by getting into their heads.

Based on my many years of experience working for agencies and direct clients, my talk will focus on the lessons learnt writing for and dealing with clients. What is your client really looking for? What are their needs? What are the most essential questions that you should be asking? And how do you deliver more than just perfect words?

I’ll be showing you that awareness of a client’s needs doesn’t mean you have to provide all the answers. It’s up to you in how far you take on the ‘challenge’! Based on real examples, we’ll discuss when can you say ‘yes!’ (even though it might feel scary to do so) and when should you be saying ‘this is not for me!’.

Session takeaways:

  • Know what problem you can help your clients with.
  • Know your value for a client.
  • Know what adds value to both your client and yourself.
  • Feel confident in communicating about what you do.
  • Feel confident and find new clients.

About the presenter

Martine CrollMartine Croll is a freelance copywriter, storyteller and communications consultant. Born in the Netherlands, but travelled the world living in Jamaica, Indonesia, Zimbabwe and the UK. Because she is a native speaker of both English and Dutch, she writes in both languages. She studied English Language and Literature at Leiden University here in the Netherlands.

Since setting up her business she’s been lucky enough to work for a vast array of people and companies. She’s written articles for magazines, blog posts, annual and strategic reports, corporate books and many, many websites.