SENSE 2020 Conference (5-7 June)

Keynote speakers


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The SENSE 2020 Conference will open and close with a plenary session and keynote speaker.

The opening speaker is Lane Greene. He is the language columnist and an editor at The Economist, based in London. Previous assignments have included culture, European business, law, energy, the environment, and American politics. He is based in London, after living in Berlin and New York.

Greene is the author of two books, Talk on the Wild Side (2018) and You Are What you Speak (2011), and won the journalism award from the Linguistic Society of America in 2017. He is a former adjunct assistant professor in Global Affairs at New York University, and is a consultant to Freedom House, a non-governmental organization. He received an M.Phil. from Oxford in European politics, and a B.A. with honors from Tulane in international relations and history, and speaks nine languages. Greene was born in Johnson City, Tennessee and grew up in Marietta, Georgia. He lives in London with his wife and sons.
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For more information about Lane's talk, see Getting language right in 2020: between correctness, warmth and innovation


Emma Seddon

Our closing speaker is Emma Seddon. Emma is a French/Italian to English translator, editor and proofreader who specializes in academic translation (principally humanities, social sciences and art) and the translation and editing of marketing material (including press releases and website copy).

In 2014 she obtained her MA in Translation Studies with Distinction from the University of Durham and followed that with a Postgraduate Diploma and PhD in Sociology and Social Research at Newcastle University. Through the novel application of social theory and using a mixed-methods approach, Emma is exploring the translation profession by looking at freelance translators’ experiences and the impact of threats to the translation industry on a largely self-employed cohort.

For more information about Emma's talk, see Rates, technologies and networks: the people and things that create professional identities in translation.




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