How to attract the clients you want by blogging

Claire Bacon, Germany

Blogging is a useful content marketing strategy that can help any language professional to promote their business by demonstrating their expertise to clients and peers. It’s an excellent way to attract the clients you want and to establish knowledge and competence in your field. Sharing useful content in blog articles can convince potential clients that you are the best person for the job and it can gain you credibility with your peers. But, despite these benefits, many small business owners don’t blog because they don’t know what they should write about.

In my talk, I hope to inspire you to try your hand at blogging by sharing how blogging helped me to build up my editing business and attract new clients that I really wanted to work with. To get you started, I will describe an easy approach to successful blogging that focuses on solving your client’s problems. To help you keep your blog running, I will give tips on planning your content. And to make sure people read your posts, I will talk about sharing and promoting your content. 

The goal of my talk is to convince you that you have something useful to say and to help you create a blog that works for you and your business.


About the presenter

Claire Bacon

Claire Bacon is a former research scientist with professional qualifications in copy editing and medical editing. She edits research papers for non-native English-speaking scientists and is the copy editor for the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia. She publishes a monthly blog to help her clients with their research writing and is a member of the SENSE content team.

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