Rates, technologies and networks: The people and things that create professional identities in translation

Emma Seddon, United Kingdom

Professional identity in the translation industry cannot be reduced to a list of characteristics or traits. In my PhD research, I have found that translators, in fact, construct their professional identities from their relationships with their clients and with other translators; and from their translation practices, working conditions and ideas of what professionalism means. As machine translation continues to develop, it plays an increasingly significant role in defining quality and best practice in translation. It consequently plays an increasingly significant role in professional identity construction. This talk will consider how translators produce their professional identities by negotiating the pressures, relationships and technologies involved in translation.


About the presenter

Emma Seddon

Emma Seddon is a French/Italian to English translator, editor and proofreader who specializes in academic translation (principally humanities, social sciences and art) and the translation and editing of marketing material (including press releases and website copy).

In 2014 she obtained her MA in Translation Studies with Distinction from the University of Durham and followed that with a Postgraduate Diploma and PhD in Sociology and Social Research at Newcastle University. Through the novel application of social theory and using a mixed-methods approach, Emma is exploring the translation profession by looking at freelance translators’ experiences and the impact of threats to the translation industry on a largely self-employed cohort.

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