The Word is not enough: An introduction to LaTeX

Kenneth Quek, Finland

This will be a brief introduction to the plaintext document preparation system, LaTeX: its history, applications, and strengths, and the challenges it presents. I will explain how LaTeX works and why it is popular among mathematicians, statisticians and other writers who deal with equations, but also why it can be useful for anyone who just wants to compose and format text efficiently and precisely. I will therefore also branch out into associated systems and platforms, covering mark-up languages such as Markdown and BBcode, editing programs (LyX, TeXMaker) and the online editor/content management system, Overleaf. I will emphasise user-friendly options that provide easy entry points to the fascinating world of writing and editing in LaTeX.

This talk will hopefully inspire participants to broaden their skills and expand their reach by learning more about LaTeX and its digital ecosystem.


About the presenter

Kenneth Quek

Kenneth Quek is a freelance academic reviser for the University of Helsinki who provides revision services natively in LaTeX. He is also a freelance editor and copywriter in the corporate sector, with previous experience in private teaching, translation and journalism.

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