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SENSE welcomes all language professionals working in English in the Netherlands or with a connection to or interest in the Dutch market. Although most SENSE members live in the Netherlands, this is not a requirement for membership. Our membership rates are very affordable and we offer students a discount. 

SENSE benefits

There are many good reasons to join SENSE. If you've had a look around at what we offer, and you're still not convinced, click here for some more reasons to join SENSE. 

Membership fees

The membership fee is €80.00 per calendar year.

New members who join between 1 January and 30 June pay €80.00 for the remainder of the year. New members who join between 1 July and 31 October pay only €40 for the remainder of the year. New members who join in November and December pay €80.00, which also covers the following year's dues.

Membership dues for students are 50% of the regular membership fee, for the duration of their studies. New applicants for the student rate must provide evidence that they are enrolled in an accredited training programme at the time of application.

Questions? Contact us

To join SENSE, please complete and submit our membership application form together with your CV. If you have any questions or, please contact us via

Returning members should not use the membership application form but should
contact the secretary at

Based in the Netherlands, SENSE is a professional association with approximately 350 members, including editors, translators, interpreters, copywriters and teachers of English communication skills. Each year, SENSE organizes a full programme of professional development activities such as lectures and workshops, as well as several social events. For more information about our current and upcoming activities, please visit the EVENTS page. The Society also maintains an active forum where members can crowdsource the in-depth knowledge and technical information possessed by fellow language professionals. For more information about SENSE, please see the ABOUT page.

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