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Making optimal use of MS Word

Written by Maaike Meijer

Margreet smallOn Saturday 20 May 2023, Margreet de Roo will give a workshop for SENSE about working with MS Word. In the following interview, I ask Margreet about her workshop, what the public can expect and why it might be interesting to attend.

Could you tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to give training sessions on MS Word?

I have spent the last ten years working as a freelance editor and translator and I gained a lot of experience with MS Word during this time. I was curious about what else the program had to offer, so I set out to learn more. I started reading books and taking courses, applying this knowledge in my own work. I gradually expanded my experience and in 2017 I started to give workshops about MS Word myself.

Is this workshop aimed at beginners or advanced users of MS Word?

This workshop is aimed at both beginners and advanced users. Anyone who uses MS Word on a regular basis will be able to get something out of this training. Participants of my past workshops have often said they learnt so many new things, despite having worked with MS Word for years. Language professionals often don’t know all the different functions and possibilities the program provides. However, you can work so much faster and more efficiently if you know how to personalize MS Word and make use of all its options.

What will participants learn during the workshop?

We’ll focus on different topics such as how to use macros, create shortcut keys, and personalize the ribbon and the quick access toolbar (QAT). You’ll also get an introduction into the use of the proofreading software PerfectIt. The aim is to make sure you’re able to work faster and more efficiently by identifying the functions that are useful to your work and personalizing MS Word to suit your needs. On top of that, I would like to make working with MS Word more fun, and challenge you to learn more about it, and everything it has to offer, on your own. Another important thing to mention is that attendees can always contact me, even months after the workshop, if they have any questions about the things they learnt during the workshop. I will help people along if they forgot something or can’t remember how to apply some of the techniques.

Aside from improving your knowledge of MS Word and thereby improving your productivity and effectiveness as a language professional, this workshop will also be a great way to get to know colleagues and make new contacts during lunch and the different coffee breaks. There are plenty of reasons to sign up, I’d say! If you’d like to attend the workshop, please register on the SENSE website. I hope to see you at Park Plaza in Utrecht on 20 May.

Blog post by: Maaike Meijer

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