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SENSE Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

SENSE has a number of special interest groups (SIGs) which meet regularly via Zoom and throughout the country. Meetings are open to all members. Guests are welcome to attend one or two meetings before deciding whether they would like to join SENSE.

If you would like to attend one of our SIG meetings, please email our SIG and social events coordinator at events@sense-online.nl

Copywriting SIG

If you’re looking for a place to share your copywriting experiences while giving and receiving advice…look no further! The SENSE Copywriting SIG provides an opportunity for both new and experienced copywriters to network and share tips, tricks (and tantrums!) of the copywriting trade. We meet several times a year in Utrecht at the Park Plaza Hotel for an evening full of insights and light-hearted discussion. In the past, we’ve dealt with topics as wide-ranging as:

  • What exactly copywriting is
  • Client acquisition
  • How to deal with clients once you’ve got them
  • How to deal with bad briefs (and how to get good ones)
  • Rates
  • Writing for the web
  • And many more...

Eastern SIG

The Eastern SIG meets in Zwolle, alternating between more formal morning meetings and Friday afternoon social get-togethers. The location varies but is always within walking distance of Zwolle railway station. Our most recent formal meetings have discussed levels of editing, time management, and a Brexit newsletter from the IND. Previous topics include the needs of beginners, networking, software, bookkeeping, marketing, and workshops/courses that we have attended.

What we most appreciate about our meetings is the opportunity to speak English with one another and share experiences about both professional practice and life in the Netherlands.

The Eastern SIG meetings are open to all members. We also welcome potential new SENSE members in the east of the Netherlands.

SIG Far North

SIG Far North was established for members and potential members who live in the northern provinces of the Netherlands, and generally meets in Grongingen. We meet up irregularly, so be sure to keep an eye on the Events page or contact convener Kate McIntyre for more information on the next SIG meeting. Members can also find announcements, event summaries and discussions in the SIG Far North section of the SENSE Forum.


FINLEGSIG meets in Amsterdam three to four times per year to discuss issues relevant to translating and editing financial and legal documents. We are a group of about 30 highly interactive and feisty translators and editors. Our meetings are generally held on weekday evenings. FINLEGSIG meetings are open to all SENSE members and friends. Our activities include:

  • hosting speakers on specific professional skills,
  • offering training in areas of legal and/or financial translating, interpreting and editing,
  • sharing resources and tools,
  • discussing editorial guidelines and stylistic issues,
  • locating sources for English-language translations of Dutch and EU legislation.

FINLEGSIG also maintains finleg-lex, a listing of titles and PDFs of non-copyrighted translations of Dutch legislation made available in English. This is an ongoing project and is available only to SENSE members.


SENSE Ed is a special interest group that meets several times each year to discuss topics relevant to teachers and educators. We meet at Park Plaza Hotel, Utrecht (a short walk from Utrecht Central Station).


SenseMed is a special interest group for those members of SENSE who work in the fields of medicine, biomedical research, and related subjects. Although we have occasional meetings, we operate mainly online. Currently we have about 60 members with a core of around 15 active participants. The questions posed on the Forum are many and varied, covering topics from interpreting Flemish radiology reports, to the intricacies of the Dutch health insurance system, to the different terminologies used to describe psychiatric conditions in children and adults. A question to SenseMed always gets a rapid response, sometimes results in extensive debate, and generally provides a satisfactory answer.

As we are lucky enough to be able to count scientists, teachers of scientific writing, psychologists, nurses, and biologists among our ranks, SenseMed is an invaluable resource.

Southern SIG

The Southern SIG offers events by and for SENSE members in the provinces of Limburg and Noord-Brabant, but we extend our ‘southern hospitality’ to all SENSE members, wherever they are located. Non-members interested in joining SENSE or attending a particular event are welcome as well.

The Southern SIG intends to organize social get-togethers without a formal agenda every two to three months. We would also like to host guest lectures or workshops in the future. For the time being, events will be held online via Zoom. We hope to be able to meet you during ‘live’ events in Maastricht, Weert and/or Eindhoven soon. .

Starters SIG

Starters SIG is a community of newcomers to SENSE and to the English-language industry as a whole. Starters SIG meets both online and offline, in various locations, to accommodate a diverse range of (would-be) members. Most in-person events will be held around the Amsterdam area.

Starters SIG aims to:

  • Share experiences
  • Offer tips, advice and feedback
  • Bring together professional networks
  • Amplify each other's voices

Tech SIG

Tech SIG is the place to discuss computers, software and everything else you never dared to ask about the tools you use everyday for your job.

Tech SIG holds short lunchtime meetings about once a month. Topics covered so far include:

  • Editing and translating in PowerPoint
  • Computer and data backup & security strategies


The UniSIG special interest group enables editors and translators who work with academic texts (e.g. theses, dissertations, essays) to network and share experiences. The venue for meetings is always within easy walking distance of Utrecht Central Station.

Utrecht SIG

The Utrecht group meets every two months, on the second Wednesday of odd-numbered months, at various venues always close to Utrecht Centraal Station. We concentrate on translation but by the second half of the evening usually discuss other professional (and other) issues.

Zuid-Holland SIG

The Zuid-Holland Special Interest Group covers a broad range of subjects. The group meets several times a year, generally in Den Haag.