SENSE Organization

SENSE is managed by an Executive Committee (EC) comprised of volunteers who serve for up to three years. The EC handles the daily operations of the Society, ensuring that the website and Forum run smoothly. The EC also administers the finances and the membership and arranges a full annual programme of professional development activities, publications, and social networking events.

The EC aims to conduct the Society’s business with clarity, in a professional and transparent manner. The EC is forward-looking and continuously develops strategies for the future, not just to keep SENSE up with the times but to ensure that our resources stay useful and accessible. The EC also ensures that the Society's development opportunities reflect the scope and interests of our membership.

The EC meets every two months. Members can download the summaries of the minutes of EC meetings in the online library, where they can also find SENSE's established Constitution and formal set of Rules that guide the EC and form a framework for decision-making.

SENSE holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the first quarter of every year. At the AGM, the budget is reviewed and new members are elected to the EC (if applicable), among other matters. The AGM is usually well-attended, as it provides a popular opportunity to catch up with fellow members. Prior to each AGM, members can download a copy of the AGM Bulletin, as well as an AGM motion form and EC nomination form (as they become available). Members can browse previous AGM minutes and bulletins in the online library.

Sally Hill



Chair: Sally is the Chair of SENSE. She is our spokesperson and represents the Society in public. The Chair is responsible for overseeing Executive Committee (EC) activities in general, chairing EC meetings and the Annual General Meeting (AGM), monitoring the progress of activities between EC meetings, and representing the EC if a dispute between members within the Society arises.

Sally is also the contact person for inter-society liaison.


Margreet de Roo



Secretary: Margreet is the Secretary of SENSE. She deals with the incoming mail and general Society business. The Secretary compiles and circulates the agenda and minutes of EC meetings and the AGM. In addition, she prepares the AGM Bulletin and, if necessary, checks progress made on key action points between meetings.
Margreet also processes new membership applications and communicates with members to address queries and assist with member-related issues.


Curtis Barrett



Treasurer: Curtis is the Treasurer of SENSE. He is responsible for the Society's financial matters. The Treasurer coordinates the annual budget, and monitors and maintains the Society’s overall financial health. He also advises the EC on spending.


Samuel Murray (interim)



[SENSE currently does not have a full-time Content Manager.]

Content Manager: Samuel is the interim Content Manager of SENSE. He is responsible for the blog and newsletter. The Content Manager works closely with the Web Manager, the Social Media Coordinator, and a team of writers and editors to ensure that relevant content is published on SENSE’s various communication channels.


Maaike Meijer



Continued Professional Development (CPD) Coordinator: Maaike M. is the CPD Coordinator of SENSE. She plans and organizes SENSE's professional development offering and participates in the Professional Development Day (PDD) and conference teams. Maaike M. is the contact person for any suggestions for future training events, such as workshops.


Maaike Leenders 



SIG & Social Events Coordinator: Maaike L. is the EC's liaison with the Special Interest Groups (SIGs). She also organizes SENSE's social events and maintains close contact with the membership to pick up ideas for new speakers and meeting topics.


Marieke Krijnen



Social Media Coordinator: Marieke is the Social Media Coordinator of SENSE. She is responsible for the Society’s communication on social media. Marieke works closely with the social media team and EC members to promote SENSE events, publish content, communicate with the SENSE online community, and curate online information relevant to language professionals.   


Samuel Murray



Web Manager: Samuel assists the EC in strategic planning for the website. He oversees the SENSE website and coordinates with our external developer to ensure that the website runs smoothly, is up-to-date, and meets the Society's needs. He coordinates the team of website helpers.