What SENSE does

SENSE supports a network of approximately 350 members with a variety of specializations and broad expertise. Members include technical, style and copy editors, translators, proofreaders, copywriters, interpreters, journalists, teachers, researchers, academics and language/communication consultants, all working in English either full-time or part-time, freelance or in-house.

SENSE supports members in many ways. The Society:

  • helps language professionals meet the special challenge of working in English in a non-Anglophone setting.
  • organizes meetings, workshops and social events for members’ professional development and networking.
  • encourages communication between societies and institutions involved in publishing information or commercial, technical and academic material in the English language.
  • hosts an online forum where members can discuss issues of direct interest and ask questions.
  • provides an online resource network of skills, specializations and experience.
  • has a mentoring scheme, with more experienced members giving advice to newcomers to the profession.