Editing humanities and social science texts: theory and practice

From 13 December 2019 14:30 CET until 13 December 2019 16:30 CET
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In this joint presentation, SENSE members Theresa Truax-Gischler and Maria Sherwood-Smith will consider a recent METM19 conference panel’s findings concerning the American Council of Learned Societies’ Guidelines for the Translation of Social Science Texts, a document that attempts to specify what is distinctive about social science texts and why translating them requires an approach that differs from approaches used in translating scientific, technical or literary texts. In From the inside out: thinking through the specificity of working with social science texts, panel participants focused on four elements language professionals often wrestle with in social science texts – voice, style, concepts, and generalizability. The task was twofold: to identify those features of social science writing that may differ from writing in the humanities or natural sciences and to compile practical dilemmas, skills, and approaches for language professionals working with these texts. As one of the panel participants, Theresa will begin the session with an overview of the ACLS Guidelines and the panel’s findings.

In the practical portions of the presentation, Theresa and Maria will introduce some examples from humanities and social science texts written by non-native speakers of English and invite participants to make editing suggestions. This combination of theory and practice will generate a discussion about how and to what extent the author editor’s role may differ in these fields, and how this awareness can help us improve our editing skills.

If you plan to attend, please download and view the ACLS Guidelines before the meetingOn the day, bring a copy on paper or on your laptop, to reference during the meeting.

Please register directly for the event by clicking the ‘Register button’ at the top of this page. (Note that no-shows have financial consequences for the society.)

Se7en is a short walk from Utrecht Central Station. The meeting will take place upstairs (check the screens as you enter), and a table will be reserved for us to have a drink together downstairs after the meeting concludes. There’s also the option of staying on for a meal – decide on the day.