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Members and non-members will pay different fees to attend the conference (membership costs only €80 per year). Members of sister organisations will also be entitled to a discount. Last but not least, there's a special fee for those contributing to the conference. 

This year we’re offering SENSE members the opportunity to book either the Saturday or the Sunday and all conference delegates can purchase a guest package for the meals and borrel.

When you come to register, if you can't find the option you are looking for, please contact us. 

Category Early-bird fee* Contributor fee* Standard fee**
 SENSE members € 285 € 215 € 360
 Members of sister organisations € 330 € 260 € 405
 Non-members € 375 € 305 € 450

*    Registration and payment by midnight (23:59!) on Sunday 1 March 2020.
**  Registration will close on Sunday 24 May 2020, or earlier if tickets are sold out.

What this fee includes:

  • Lunch on Saturday
  • Network drinks borrel
  • Conference dinner
  • Conference sessions on Saturday and Sunday
 Delegate guest package (Saturday lunch, networking drinks and dinner)   € 85
 Friday workshops, standard fee per workshop  € 110*

 *   Discounts available for conference delegates (see below).


 Workshops  Early-bird fee Standard fee
 Attending the conference (per workshop)  € 60 € 80
 Not attending the conference (per workshop) € 90 € 110


SENSE members may book a ticket for each day of the conference separately 

 Members only Early-bird fee* Standard fee**
 Saturday only, including lunch and borrel and dinner (full) € 185 € 225
 Saturday only, including lunch and borrel (excl. dinner) € 140 € 180
 Sunday only  € 125 € 165


 N.B. SENSE is not registered for VAT and does not charge VAT. 

 © Images by photographer Michael Hartwigsen of SENSE’s inaugural conference, held in celebration of our 25th Jubilee, at Paushuize, Utrecht on 14 November 2015. All rights reserved.


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