An ergonomic desk: keep fit while you work

We sit at our desks almost 24/7. Experts say ‘sitting is the new smoking’ and ‘poor posture is the most common cause of RSI’.

A few years ago, Jenny discovered the standing desk, and she’s not suffered from RSI since. She’ll explain her office set up and how she keeps fit while working.

Time: 15:30–16:00
Room: 2

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About the presenter

Jenny Zonneveld

Jenny Zonneveld is a native speaker of English and a professional translator, copywriter and revisor with more than 25 years’ experience with multinational businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium. Before becoming a full-time language professional, Jenny spent more than 17 years at a firm of management consultants, working in the UK, US, Belgium and the Netherlands. She specialized in implementing IT projects and logistics. Jenny moved to the Netherlands about 35 years ago and considers herself bilingual.

LinkedIn: jennyzonneveld
Twitter: Translatext_