UniSIG: Using AI to revise the language of academic texts: what Writefull can offer

From 11 November 2022 09:30 CET until 11 November 2022 12:30 CET
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This meeting, the first in-person UniSIG event since January 2020, combines early-morning networking with SENSE colleagues and a talk in which we will learn what Writefull is, why it’s been developed, and how its features can assist with writing and revising academic texts. We’ll be shown how Writefull’s features can help different types of authors – whether novices or veterans – and how its language feedback changes in response to the editing needs an author indicates. Our speakers will explain how copy editors and publishers use Writefull to automate language-related tasks such as quality evaluation and structural checks. And, drawing on feedback from users and academic writing teachers, they will go into the challenges or risks associated with AI-assisted, automated text revision.

Both our speakers hold degrees from Nottingham University (UK). Dr Juan Castro, CEO of Writefull, obtained his PhD in Artificial Intelligence there and stayed on as a post doc for several years before co-founding Writefull. Dr Hilde van Zeeland, Chief Applied Linguist at Writefull, obtained both her MSc and PhD at Nottingham, in Applied Linguistics. She then worked as a language testing consultant (Bureau ICE) and a scientific information specialist (Wageningen University & Research) before joining Writefull.

From 9.30 (when the room opens) until shortly before 10:30 there's an opportunity to network and socialize over coffee and tea in the hallway outside the room. Come early and join in! The informative part of the meeting will start at 10:30.

Registration for this free meeting will close at 9:00 on 9 November.

Please contact me (Joy) if you would like to acquire PE points for attending the meeting.