UniSIG - Revising translations: let it (mostly) be

From 12 March 2021 16:00 until 12 March 2021 17:00
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This time, our meeting will take place at the end of a Friday afternoon. The speaker will be Julie Uusinarkaus, who has been an academic editor and revisor at the University of Helsinki Language Centre for fifteen years and is also a freelance editor specialized in design. An active board member of Nordic Editors and Translators, she now focuses on event planning.

She writes: "My work involves revising the translations done by our team at the University of Helsinki, and I will describe what that entails. Translation revision requires a different focus than normal editing in that you look at the best way to interpret the original text instead of the best way to word the final text. In my job, the translation revisor also monitors the institutional style. We will revise a translation together to see the difference firsthand."

After her short talk there will be time for Q&A and general discussion. As always, all SENSE members are welcome to attend this meeting, which will last about one hour. You can use the button above to register.

Registration will close at 09.00h on 11 March and registered participants will be emailed the Zoom link to the meeting.

Contact me if you wish to use attendance at this meeting to add to your PE points.

Joy Burrough-Boenisch (UniSIG convener)