Intercultural business communication – Nandini Bedi, Kenneth Quek, Wendy Baldwin (panel discussion)

Formal or casual emails? Direct or indirect conversations about money? Small talk or – please no – anything but small talk? Nandini Bedi, Kenneth Quek, and Wendy Baldwin will discuss the trickiness of business communication across country lines and how to best to bridge those cultural differences.

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About the presenters

 Nandini Bedi

Nandini Bedi teaches English, copyedits, gives intercultural trainings and posts on her blog Via her trainings, she builds a bridge between the Netherlands and India. She does this with reverence and humour. She has settled in Oegstgeest with her partner, flown-out-of-the-nest-but-visiting twin boys and live-in cat, Sher Khan. More about her is available on

 Kenneth Quek

Kenneth Quek is a Singaporean who resides in Helsinki. He is fully bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese and works both as a freelance academic revisor for the University of Helsinki Language Centre and as a freelance editor and copywriter in the corporate sector. He has previous experience in private teaching, translation and journalism.

 Wendy Baldwin

Wendy Baldwin is an independent authors' editor and Spanish-to-English translator, specializing in a range of disciplines related to the brain, language and cognition. She is also a writing and language instructor, working primarily with multi-language scholars and academics. She taught at universities in the US, Sweden and Spain, and she now operates as an independent academic writing facilitator and trainer, running structured writing retreats, online writing groups and other #acwri training for academics. Originally from Los Angeles, she has been living in Donostia/San Sebastián, Spain, since 2005. In addition to being a member of SENSE, she's also a member of MET and EASE.