Editing slam! – Daphne Visser-Lees and Curtis Barrett

As editors, how far should we go (or not go)? During this session, two seasoned editors will share their approaches to editing an example text. We’ll also take a look at the advantages of working together when editing a document. Join us for a lively meeting!

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About the presenters

 Daphne Lees

Daphne Lees arrived in the Netherlands in 1978 to take up a one-year post as a specialist operating department nurse. A decade, one husband and two children later, a chat with a vascular surgeon in the scrub room led to her translating a PhD thesis. Interest fired up, she went on to acquire a diploma in English and translation studies and then to specialize in medical translating and editing. She has also taught scientific writing to PhD candidates and nurse graduates. Daphne retired from nursing in 2016 but continues to operate her business - Meditrans - from home.

 Curtis Barrett

Curtis Barrett received his PhD in neuroscience in 2001 from the University of Massachusetts, followed by postdoctoral training at Stanford University and 3 years as a senior researcher in Leiden. In 2011, Curtis stepped away from the lab bench to launch a new career as a freelance editor, consultant and trainer, helping scientists and clinical researchers around the world obtain funding and publish in high-impact journals. In addition, Curtis has teaching appointments at Wageningen University and Utrecht University, where he teaches academic and scientific writing to MSc students.