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SENSE publishes a quarterly ezine called eSense. It aims to provide useful and entertaining content of interest to English-language professionals in the international SENSE community.

eSense is published online for members and is also available to the public on PDF. Please feel free to download the current issue celebrating the first SENSE Conference:  eSense 39 | 2015. You will need Adobe Reader to read it (click here).

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Extra, free download: eSense Jubilee Souvenir.

Submissions to eSense are always welcome. If you have an idea for a story or would like to contribute in any other way, please email the current editor, Ragini Werner.


pdf eSense 39 2015 A4 Popular

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pdf eSense 40 | 2016 Poster 1: Academic career paths Popular

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eSense 40_Poster_academic career path_ 1.pdf

pdf eSense 40 | 2016 Poster 2: More academic career paths Popular

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eSense 40_Poster_academic career path_2.pdf

pdf eSense 40 | 2016_Poster 3: Non-academic career paths Popular

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eSense 40_Poster_3_non-academic career paths.pdf

pdf eSense 41 | 2016 Appendix: Sample project calculation Popular

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eSense 41_ 2016_Sample project calculation_Jenny Zonneveld.pdf

Appendix to How to quote for translation jobs by Sally Hill
Jenny Zonneveld  has created an Excel spreadsheet to calculate a total price for a new translation job. 

pdf eSense 43 PDD Pictorial Popular

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eSense 43_PDD Pictorial.pdf

pdf eSense 43_Sample quote for copywriting job Popular

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eSense 43_sample quote for copywriting_Sally Hill.pdf

document SENSE Form to Confirm Proofreading Services Popular

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SENSE Form to Confirm Proofreading Services.docx

SENSE Form to Confirm Proofreading Services.docx
version: August 2016

pdf SENSE Guidelines for Proofreading Student Texts Popular

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SENSE Guidelines for Proofreading Student Texts.pdf

SENSE Guidelines for Proofreading Student Texts
Version: August 2016

pdf SENSE Style Sheet 03072015 Popular

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SENSE Style Sheet_03072015.pdf